With the state of the worlds finances today there is likely to be a significant crash in the near future. If that occurs then there WILL be civil unrest and with the best will¬† in the world it is unlikely that a phone call to the nearest police department is going to result in them turning up anytime soon…

Here in the UK we are not allowed to own Guns without going through some serious form filling and vetting by the police. However we have always had the right to own a BOW and arrows, we are also allowed to own a Cross bow.  My best advice to all is to get hold of at least one of these weapons as soon as you are able and get some serious practicing in to make sure you know how to use them to the best effect;


Practice makes Purrrfect!!!

Bows like this are cheap(ish) and pack a hell of a punch!

Whatever you do make sure that you can defend yourself and your family, options for doing that are different in different countries , but there are ALWAYS options!