I personally detest this man (if indeed that is what he is) , he was the politician that raised dis-information and lying through his teeth to the otherwise unknown emminence in the political community of Western Democracies. As far as I am concerned he is a WAR CRIMINAL who should be prosecuted for his genocide in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There are no arguments that will convince me of his innocence, he along with G.W.BUSH (another War Criminal) promulgated an unprovoked attack on Iraq (at least) which was against all international law and the UN charter itself, they did this regardless of the consequences and I believe at the behest of Multi-National Corporations that wanted control of the OIL riches that the country is in possesion of.

Anthony Blair Warmonger!

Anthony Blair Warmonger!

 Thankfully no longer in power, he is still however making money from the contacts he made by going to War in the first place and is now worth MILLIONS!. He has also tried to hide his contracts from the British Public by claiming that they were ‘sensitive’ (I bet they are) to avoid scrutiny from the Parliamentary (toothless) watchdogs! He has also created a net of off- shore accounts which hide all hope of tracing his wealth and its sources!. 

When I think of the relative poverty that his many WAR VICTIMS are left in it makes me want to puke!, without the obvious civilian casualties in the War theatre itself we also count the cost of the soldiers wounded and living in near penury in our country, after having given their ALL and laid their lives and health on the line on this man’s dubious dossiers and lies, they now lay forgotten and dis-advantaged by the very system which now rewards ‘he who ordered them to risk their safety for his profit!’

There is a campaign to have BLAIR arrested and tried for crimes against peace which is trying to bring him to face justice for the GENOCIDE which he instigated, an offer of a reward , was last time I checked still available to anyone that attempted to place him under citizens arrest (and could prove they had done so) you can find that here