Anna Racoon a blogger that I admire greatly leads with a piece on the British Tax Credits system today, with a picture that really says it all;do as we tell you

As usual Anna strikes the nail on the head of the subject she is discussing!

And although its over a month old in case you haven’t seen it yet, there is an article by John Pilger on the Make Wars History site which really does bear a read and your thought processes;

and a lovely little story from Subrosa another favorite lady of mine, entitled JOY about a deaf baby given a hearing implant, the video is worth a watch;

Elsewhere we have a little advice from Old Holbourn, on how to beat todays Budget, which is widely believed to contain a rise in VAT, if it does it will be yet another reneged on promise from our elected defectives, much like all of O’BUMMER’s reneged on promises. What is it with these people that they are completely unacountable for doing this shit to us?

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