Well what is the world coming to, is this the end of days as was prophesied !, the understanding I have is that the Mayan’s reckoned on 21/12/12 but were unspecific about what actually would occur, then The Bible has been interpreted as suggesting that the end of days would come but as far as I know no one has fixed a significantly sure date to make that prediction more than an “I told you so” footnote to history, except none will be around to hear it said…

I look at the world around me at this time and wonder…are the events that are being played out in these times likely to bring an extinction of all species event?

The BP Oil Disaster is certainly one of the most dangerous happenings we as a secies have ever been forced to face. The ramifications for the whole planet are simply huge and very under-reported. I’m sorry if this sounds at all selfish but I hope that the spill is localised to the Gulf and wreaks its havok there, not because I wish harm to the completely innocent folks who live there, but because I can see it escaping, soon to track it’s way across the Atlantic via the Gulf Stream…

perhaps a diagram might help you visualise it a little clearer…The Gulf Stream

As you may be able to see now Europe is directly connected to the Gulf via the Gulf Stream and whatever goes into the water there, be it a message in a bottle or Oil Pollution and the Neurotoxins that have been used to disperse it , all will inevitably arrive slap bang on my doorstep!

Sorry, did I hear a ” So What!” from somewhere?…Well I will tell you So What , if it stays in the Gulf then its just a minor problem, oh sure I understand the things that go along with massive Oil Pollution and more to the point Oil Pollution in the waters of the Gulf. There will be a tendancy for the Hurricanes that infest the area to be bigger and more destructive , given that Hurricanes feed off warm waters and the black oil will cause increased warming for a variety of factors that I won’t bother to go into here.

The BIG problem with it escaping into the Atlantic comes with the fact that the same warming tendency will be added to that stream, which will speed it up somewhat (at a guess), it will also tend to kill off all the marine life along the way, and a very productive ‘way’ it is as well. The Gulf Stream waters feed some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world. The loss of that environment poses serious problems for the rest of the ecosystems of the worlds oceans and significant links in the food chains of the sea could be irreparably lost!

Add to that the effects that oil would have on ice when it reaches the Arctic Circle and I suppose we no longer need worry about global warming melting it , the oil will do it for us or at least accelerate the process.

I feel desperately sorry for all who live in and around the Gulf and my best advice is to move out as soon as possible, refugee status may not be a nice situation to ‘live ‘ in, but it is a damn sight better than having neurotoxic rain giving you cancers, birth defects and possible blindness to boot. At least stay indoors when it rains, but that will only delay your fate as groundwater will be polluted and unfit to drink and you could see all life dying off all around you from the effects of the rain…

Do you begin to see where my thought processes are leading to here?

But the question has to be asked where will be ‘safe’!! It is not beyond the bounds of posibility that we are witnessing a MASS EXTINCTION event unfolding before our very eyes! Some will no doubt call me a doomsayer, a pessimist, well I may  be the former but I do not consider myself to be the latter! I am trying to think of a way to protect myself, my family and friends. The troule being that I can see no way of doing so, given that the same rain which will do the damage over there in the Gulf will soon be falling here…

I have to ask some questions of those who are nominally ‘in charge’ of these events;

Why have you done so little since the start of this fiasco?,

Why do you think playing golf is an acceptable thing to do?,

Why did you use dispersants in the millions of gallons which WILL do even more harm to the environment than the oil would have done on its own?

Why have you not accepted the help that has been offered from all over the world?,


The list goes on and on and no one will answer any of them. What’s done is done , and we will suffer the consequences of their inaction.

Do YOU think that this is GOOD ENOUGH!!!…I do not!

And just in case you think I’m making all this up have a look here


and here for the chemical weapons bit


this is what one of the writers has to say in conclusion;

“The central point at this point is who is prepared to put the urgently demanded federal and international scientific resources into solving this crisis. Further actions of the likes of that from the Obama White House to date or from BP can only lead to the conclusion that some very powerful people want this debacle to continue. The next weeks will be critical to that assessment”.

Will any of us ever…’have a nice day!’ again I wonder?